Asiczen Releases its CAN Verification IP

Asiczen Technologies announces the release of its UVM based CAN verification IP. azCAN is fully compliant with CAN specification 2.0. azCAN is a UVM based verification component (UVC) that can be used by IP and SoC makers to test their CAN interface design effectively and quickly. This easy-to-use UVC can be easily integrated to any UVM based environment and can be used to generate a variety of scenario without much effort. CAN is a multi-master serial bus standard for connecting Electronic Control Units [ECUs] also known as nodes. Two or more nodes are required on the CAN network to communicate. The complexity of the node can range from a simple I/O device up to an embedded computer with a CAN interface and sophisticated software. The node may also be a gateway allowing a standard computer to communicate over a USB or Ethernet port to the devices on a CAN network.

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