Smart Doorlock Solutions

Wifi and bluetooth powered smart locking systems enable users to lock, unlock, transfer keys without physical proximity to the device.
The smartphone acts as a key and can access the lock through an android/ios application. The device keeps track of all accesses to it and can be used as an attendence monitoring system…more

LoRa based Asset Tracking Solutions:

GPS based LoRaWAN enabled devices are used for outdoor asset tracking at airports, transport fleet tracking, etc. Non-GPS based trackers can be used for high value indoor asset tracking in shopping malls, hospitals, educational institutions, factories and commercial complexes. Tracking information is transferred to a central server.

Bluetooth based Smart weighing solutions:

Smart weighing systems transfer the measured weight information from a spring balance to a smartphone using bluetooth technology. This is particularly helpful where the weighing is done at a remote un accessible location. It is also convenient to send the weight information to muliple stakeholders.